Donald Peacock: 

Main Area of Expertise: Programming

Donald peacock has been working with our team for seven years- in fact, he has been here since the team began! He is a sales manager and works with other engineers and scientists to test products and more at an engineering company. Donald, or Donny, specializes in programming, and also helps us brainstorm new, creative ways to solve problems, whether we are building or tackling an obstacle on the field. In general, he is happy to lend a hand wherever help is needed. He is glad that Orchard Farm has a robotics team and offers these opportunities to the members. He is certain that we will do well in competition and will go far, and is very excited for the competition. 

Kristopher Liesmann: 

Main Area of Expertise: Management

Kristopher Liesmann has been working with our team for six years. He is a middle school Spanish Teacher, Cross Country Couch, and International Club sponsor for the middle school and mentors the high school Robotics Team. Mr. Liesmann helps us with just about anything- if you ask, he probably knows the answer. He assists us in building the robot, finding shirts, and fundraising, as well as general information about FIRST and the competition. He thinks that the robotics team is a very good group of intelligent, virtuous kids, and that we work together well and have a sense of cooperation. He believes that, depending on our progress, we will do well and will be in the top twenty robotics teams at our qualifier. 

Brett Novotny: 

Main Area of Expertise: Building 

Brett Novotny has been working with our team for _ years. He works for _______. Brett is the go to source for information regarding anything to do with building the robot, from how to use the tools to finding a robot that will fulfill all that it needs to. 

Pat Saindon: 

Main Area of Expertise: Building

Pat Saindon has been working with our team for at least six years. he works for Boeing as a computer application analyst. pat often helps with finding a creative way to utilize the robot to our advantage, and gives us ideas about how to create a successful robot, as well as assisting us in building the robot itself. He believes that with fresh eyes and minds on the team, we will go far. In terms of the competition, he thinks that we will be in the middle of the pack and will make it to finals. 

Todd Reineke: 

Main Area of Expertise: Programming

This is Todd Reineke's first year of mentoring a FRC team in four years. He works for International Business Machine. He helps create successful programs and gives advice to programmers, as well as offering fresh perspectives on issues that we have had with the robot. He finds the team exciting and likes to see the progress we have made, and feels that we will do better than we did last year on the field. 

Christopher Leibrand: 

Main Area of Expertise: Coaching!

This is Mr. Leibrand's first year of coaching our team. He is the computer sciences teacher at Orchard Farm High School as well. Whether he is giving us new ideas about the robot, trouble shooting with building or programming, or keeping us focused on the job at hand, he has been a huge inspiration for us in every endeavor, and we could not be where we are without him!