A Day in the Life of a Robotics Member

There are many different tasks that a member of the team may choose to do - even ones that don't seem related to robots at all! Here are some typical jobs that robotics members do. 

Many robotics members help to physically build the robot. This involves performing a wide variety tasks and using many different tools, such as the band-saw and the drill press. Though these jobs can range in size, all are important, as without the builders, a robot would not exist. 

Programmers write programs that the robot executes to complete tasks to gain points. There are two segments to the competition; autonomous, in which the robot executes a predestined program without any driver intervention, and teleoperated, in which drivers can control how the robot functions. 

At some point or another, most members of the team will help to design the robot. During the first few meetings after the kickoff, this is the primary job of most robotics members. No idea is too crazy or intricate; all are welcome. Typically, during this time, we talk about both the physical attributes of the robot, such as wheels or treads, and our game strategy, as this will affect the makeup of the robot. 

Typically, drivers also perform other jobs, but their task is to direct the robot during teleoperated play. This requires much practice with the robot beforehand. Depending on strategy and the build of the robot, one or two members will be drivers, with one controlling various apparatuses on the robot, such as arms or conveyor belt systems, and one controlling forward and backward motion. 

Wiring is a crucial part of creating a robot, as faulty wiring can lead to damage to the robot or injury. In addition, faulty wiring can also cause the robot to not function properly. Many builders do wiring. 

Safety Captains are specifically in charge of making sure that team members use safe procedures when working with the robot at all times. 

Though seemingly unimportant, working with media is important job. Media specialists take pictures of other members of the team, write documents such as fundraising brochures, work with social media, and, most importantly, they brought you this website! You're welcome!